Friday, April 20, 2012

An Absentee Father of Impetus

Beyond the pangs of province
arrives a thrall of misanthropy

Existing microscopic effigies—
built in shade and made of quartz—
breaking free of an entombed and cryptic core

A ravenous incongruity,
interminable and willfully wrought
deliver anathemas of a kindred crux

Amongst the valleys trampled toward
fragments of misshapen rainbows form

Soldered in a frost of flight, berated
by time’s bating of reflective light—an
ever-embracing mirror's luster dries

this deadly visage accosts it’s gaze
upon the severed recognitions it had made—
replete with every corroded version of the self
ill-conceived and lacking the stomach to abort


  1. nice....really nice flow of though and rhythm in this...and some nice allusions too...the trampled rainbow of hope...lacking the stomach to abort is a nice yet somewhat gruesome turn of phrase as well...

    ps. i have watched V but that one came from the recent viewing of V for Vendetta

  2. The torment of tantalus popped in as I read, episode title I can't remember from which show though at the moment, brain fart I guess..haha...but yeah we let ourselves get in the way even when we know we or it is wrong and keep on pushing through, usually doing more harm than good.

  3. Awesome write, Fred. Those closing lines are amazing.

  4. 'Corroded versions of the self...' another challenging, rending, and excellent poem from you.