Monday, April 9, 2012

A Voice for the Self-referentially metaphoric

This is a poem about poetry.
It incorporates all the good parts
And eviscerates the bad
Into scattered fragments
Resting someplace between
Ellipsis and the margin notes

This is a poem about survival.
It harnesses the freedom one feels,
When hovering at the imminent
Point of no return, staring firmly
Into the inevitability, only moments
After you’ve come to turns with
Your own mortal voice

This is a poem about poetry.
It incorporates all the living parts of
Life and makes a mess of each of them.
And in so doing, it makes the dead portions
Seem much better than they ever really were

But please, do not blame the metaphor,
For the error resides solely within the author,
And he’s completely fine with that


  1. No matter the error one might see it could be a light to another. As it shows off a different angle they never knew and as long as the author got their point across and is happy with it that should be all that matters. As life is a mess most times and so can be the poetry chimes.

  2. see this is just what i love about can intensify, you can cut can blur the truth or sharpen it until it burns in the eyes..poetry is all this...and much this one fred...reminded me again why i so heavily fell in love with what we call poetry..smiles

  3. Fred, you've succeeded in making me want to speak to poetry again; she's fighting for her place in my life ( I penned her a pasquinade) but maybe I'll give her a break.