Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Broken Fancy

Bastards, Buzzers, Buggers and Beasts
Be all that you can be
Unless you are the embodiment of greed
In which case, I do by beseech
Please conform your tone of speech

Basters, Buzzards, Beggars and Breeds
Beckon beauty beside you now
Stare deep between her eyes
And question this blessed creature,
As to why you and your types are ever fatedly cursed

Barkers, Besters, Beadles and Burkes
Beset the breath
Of ambling boars

A broken fancy left unturned…


  1. Like the flow and admit the change up at the start of the second stanza almost escaped me the first time, very tricky. The embodiment of greed is whack at any shack. Those people should turn over a new leaf and stop causing everyone else grief. But alas they are nothing but your very first B and that is all they seem to forever be.

  2. Great wordplay, my eyes played tricks and I had to reread and pause several times, very nice. Happy Easter!

  3. this is very cool fred...would make for a great spoken word piece and has a fantastic flow..

  4. I love the alliteration! Very cool.

    1. read man and def love some of the word play...esp the greedy conforming their speech...