Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meridian Gates

Aligned with vulgar pretense
A king is told of men

vaguely assembled,
gathering before
Meridian gates

This was not uncommon
to hear—
for discussions
of this kind,
often occur

Upon a lea
once so revered—
         Where bards would laud
         and clerics would praise
But now resigned
                  To forever be,
                  overwhelmed, by
                  shadows cast, from
an aerie within
a storming sky  
The sound of horsemen
stir the wind— relentlessly
approaching, as once they did,

For those near—here, in this
sacred space—they scatter quick—
living to pray another day

At this hallowed ground,
a place where armored souls
once were welcomed in—

And in return,
the silver-skins
would teach them well—

Each the themes of doubt and fear
as cast amidst
scenes of Hell.


  1. This is really vivid. And, moody. I like it very much.

  2. i love watching movies about the medieval time and the more knights in it, the better...smiles...really enjoyed the poem fred..heard the horses hooves while reading...smiles

  3. Yes, I got the moody vibe too. I did so enjoy learning about the Five Phoenix Turrets, great work. Thanks for the tip about Google +. I've added to the options for sharing from my blog.

  4. wow man...this is def of a more fantastical and romantic the rather medievel feel to it...war is are invaders...disruptive...overturning the simple way of life to subservience...i like

  5. Like the Arhturian type appeal to it. Although now a days it is just some suit sitting somewhere ordering crap and many blindly following to their death while the suit sits all smug in his castle, err umm white

  6. It sounds like a wind delivering the bad news of what's going outside. Horsemen -- makes me think perhaps alludes to Horsemen of the Apocalypse.