Sunday, April 29, 2012

Plastic Saviors for Paper Ghosts

A backgammon reservoir
rules the castle ever-more
for it was the bishop
that chose not to address the poor

Stranded tiles wait in-turn
for their time of elocution
yet time grows lost
approaching vindication

Vacant properties remain unsold
for ghosts I’ve heard live within
and as time does drift, the condemned stir
a passive voice attending to one’s present sin

Failed hypotheses draw the man,
upon a scaffolding’s verbose display,
ill-conceived choices and unlikely
provocations impel theory to a swift decay

For plastic saviors come to show
when paper ghosts entrench what’s known


  1. Great flow once more at your show. Like the little board game additions too, as plenty of those have been played at my zoo. We can try and figure out things all day but in the end it is what it is most times and we waste tons of time figuring that out, should worry a little less and do a little more, I suppose.

  2. interesting rhyme scheme in this fred switched up as you move along...plastic saviors and paper ghosts, both unreal...esp when the problems pile up and the church itself turns its back on the poor...

  3. Very imaginative with wonderful imagery and a solid message.

  4. Hi Fred--powerful images and phrases. k.

  5. There seems to be stagnation, a waiting, problems that gone on too long simply lingering around, halting any kind of progress.

    Plastic saviors and paper ghosts -- it evokes the images of credit cards and paper money in my head because I seem to see this poem as about the problem of poverty. In which case, plastic saviors would just temporary...