Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trying to Find an Amoeba in an Expanse of Filtered Sea

Angling for reason
         netting nothing but decay
casting for meaning
         reeling nothing back but lines and hooks
and that’s just half the times I set to look
motile yet stasis sits
         upon a thriving throne
where inability’s widely known

Stagnation’s strong
         in this single cell
eyes can’t see
         and minds can’t meld
hands can’t feel
         and hearts can’t heal

I’m longing for the day to come
         when I’ll be seen
for all I would have done
         if you only let me free
 or chose to join me
         encaged but not alone; imprisoned but not afraid
         redefining what makes a home   


  1. That last stanza made me cry, Fred. You capture loss, regret, and truncated possibility elegantly and with emotional power. Extra points for motile and amoeba :).

  2. Amoeba hahahaha oh I was playing one of those games where you have to draw a word that comes up, guess what word I got? didn't even know what the heck an amoeba was, drawing that did not go over so well..hahaha

    Stuck in a cell, so many are in this state I fear and as much as they refuse to look many a time it is a state of their own design, excuse upon excuse for not unlocking the door, comes forth forever more.

  3. lots of emo in this one man...the middle stanza i think really defines the last one is a total zinger...the desire to do it together or not at all...really well done man...

  4. Very interesting audio piece. The way you sing it -- it feels like a drifting on a sea, and the song is from some siren spirit, calling one to come.

    The first one concerns a search, in the second I thought it captured emptiness, a feeling of pointless existence. The last is longing that calls out -- "come and I'll show you". To be honest, it creeped me out a bit. Not so sure I like the idea of sounds rather permanent in this one.

    I hope you do more of these in the future. Truly enjoyed the audio experience.

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, even the creepiness :) I plan on doing more recordings, it's something I wanted to do for a while now, but for whatever reason couldn't figure it out until the past couple of days. Thanks again

  5. now you're even singing your poems to cool is that...

    1. Thanks Claudia, I figured I sing all the time around the house and in the car, so might as well sing some of the poetry as well. Just hoping I don't scare too many friends away lol

  6. these are good lyrics. Thank you for taking the plunge and demonstrating the melody.. I haven't dared do that with any of my poems that are also songs yet. Formatting also effective. Thanks Fred

  7. You're singing for us! Now who's spoiling readers :)?