Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dance Macaw

Their vibrant plumes
have tales to tell

They swim the air,
and communicate
socially with all

Flock, a grouping
of peers, so aptly
coined a word

With wings
oft spanning feet
in length

Mating for life
and sharing deep

Offering up to
sixty years of love to keep

And friendship
to any and all
that choose to
hear their call

their adaptability
to life as a pet,
is a reason
for their
being taken away

The danse macabre
wouldn’t flap it’s wings
so mightily,
if only these
living sculptures
wouldn’t so easily
capture the heart
of man


  1. I had to look them up to be sure but knew they were a parrot of some sort. They are a great looking bird, I always wanted a parrot that could talk human..hahaha...think the cat would eat it though. Sad state of affairs that so many animals are going extinct thanks mostly to humans as well. Some animals just don't do well or should not be pets either though.

  2. This poem has your characteristic excellent word play, multivalent meaning, and beautiful sentiment. A real gift.

  3. the macaw is a beautiful animal...fairly certain i knew about mating for like...probably from rio....ha...they are cool birds...

  4. Those birds of paradise do have incredible colors. The adaptability to being a pet is sort of forced upon, when wings are clipped, and they are chained to the stand they are displayed on. Nice play on the words, appropriate title in that way.

  5. wow..the last stanza just left me breathless..

  6. You really captured the essence of those birds. Great job!