Friday, March 23, 2012

Time Trials

We have every second
of every minute,
to make every hour count

Our every hour,
organically travels
a path from midnight to noon,
sun to moon, dusk til dawn,
dawn til dusk, in every hour
we place our trust

We have every hour
of every morning and
of every night, an essential
moment, in the life of a day

Our every day,
moves in six times four,
four times six, seven cycles,
repeating within, cycling without,
Our every day inevitably
moves from day to week
From week to month,
and months to seasons,

In seasons we change,
or remain, yet it's a given
that scenery shifts the
sights we see, and therein
we lose an hour, only to
gain it back again

We have every season,
which becomes a year,
every year a decade,
and for those fortunate
enough, perhaps they'll
age enough to see a
century of memories

For some there is too much,
for others it's much too few,
flying by, slowing down,
but I suppose, for most,
we ought to live life to the fullest,
making the time that way
have enough

Whether alone or together,
we have the means to love,
something timeless, something
that moves eternal, from
spark to spark, from heart
to hear

Reposted and Shared with Mary's Poetics article on Time over at D'Verse. Stop on by and Make the Time to swim amongst the poetic hourglass, where the poetry is what moves the sundial, making the most of the time we have to share.


  1. Fred...this is fantastic! The pacing is almost calm, languid, but as days turn to seasons, the pace picks up (in my mind) as does the ticking of the clock here in my real world bubble! Simply a wonderful write, and I've got to show huge love! Real world is driving me batty, and your comments and support have helped me survive thus far. Just wanted you to know it's hugely appreciated!

  2. Time can be fickle and sometimes we try to beat it, but alas that is never going to happen. This piece has much of an uplifting feel to it. No matter the distance or weather the heart will find a way, need more of that in life at times.

  3. Another stunner Fred!

  4. So much to contemplate in this poem, Fred. It makes me realize how important it is to savor every minute of every hour of every day. I also enjoyed the clever references to time being lost and found in seasonal transitions with daylight saving time....and thinking about how sometime time seems to speed up and at other times it moves at snail's pace. Thought-provoking all the way through!

  5. true i like the message in this...we use what we have been given...for some far too short, other much...but its not a comparison game either cause that will just waste it....

  6. Fred - I think there may be a typo at end but not sure - heart to hear or heart to heart?

    I understand as hear - if you mean speaking to someone, but I think that's not what you mean.

    The beginning spoke especially to me with all those minutes and hours adding up. k.

  7. Fred~ With this piece you marry the pragmatic and the poetic seamlessly. Well done.

  8. each moment comes only one... you said it right, we have to live life to the fullest... that's the only way. lovely piece! :)