Thursday, March 15, 2012

What is Love?

What is love?

How do you know you’re in love?
How do you know, that you’re not just in love, with the idea of being in love?

How can you know what love is?

It’s not tangible.  I can’t draw my fingers along each its ends.  I can’t trail its fringe by hand.  I can’t reach inside, touching the artistry alive.  Forgive me if I am wrong,
But I just can’t comprehend…just what love is….
And without knowing…how can I possibly pretend?

If you dare need ask,
Then this love, I feel
Cannot be real
And it’s never going to last

You say love is like…
You compare love to…
You close your eyes,
Falling deep into…

And through similes and metaphors
You try to illustrate all love can be
You try to navigate
holding my hand, dreaming to show me
All that’s love is but love, which is but love again

Passionately you smile so,
Seeming certain that you know
So many analogies you bring
And yet, I feel, this version to which you sing
Is what love may be for you,
But for me, I just can’t say the same is true

Infinite expressions of what love could be
So many adjectives, so much poetry
But in the end I’m stuck with what I know
That each of these notions do not grow
That spectacle inside of what love should be

For the thousands of scents
& The million sights
That might be felt,
I understand it seems real…

…But can it be, anything more than
Sensations that one may also feel
Independent of this love

So, please, help me understand, what love is?
What is love?
If you dare need ask,
Then this love, I feel
Cannot be found

Do I love you?
Is it the act of love itself that I revere?

Do you love me?
…You say you do.
But how do you know,
You’re not simply in love with love itself?

And if somehow your loving me could be proved as truth,
How would I know I reciprocate that same loving verse?
How would I know that I don’t just love the idea of someone loving me regardless of whom that person be?

How does one tell…what love is?
What is love?


  1. Bah too many hard questions for the cat, I thing my head might explode..haha....the way I figure it if you start thinking it's just the idea you love, then you prob aren't in love. But if you don't think about it and just are as content as can be with that other person, then you very well could be. Fickle all over though.

  2. all i know is that when you find it you know...and when you aint got it, it sucks...smiles. and i dont know if it can ever really be explained...but i would pass a check the box note just to be sure...smiles.

  3. This something I've puzzled about in the same way! It's a topic I've never venture to write about. I did I think but it was terrible. :)

    "But how do you know,
    You’re not simply in love with love itself?"

    I'm not sure if most people in love dare ask themselves that question. This piece is full of uncomfortable questions!