Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Vanity Plate

Well, I wasn't feeling all that well yesterday, nothing physical, but just one of those days we all get from time to time.  Besides the feeling itself, it stinks that it happened to happen on a Tuesday, where OLN is in full effect over at D'verse.  I've definitely a lot of catching up to do but that's cool too, gives me a few blocks of excellent reading to do, rather than all packed into one night.  But anyway, please check out the link and get your read on.

This piece totally came out of the blue, actually didn't have anything written, and while still feeling a bit like I did yesterday, I didn't think I'd come up with anything for today either.  But luckily while out this morning, which I have to thank Jello for that excursion, (I'm so addicted to Black Cherry Jello btw), I happened to see this White Cadillac out on the road.  I'm not particularly a Cadillac kind of guy, but what struck me here was the license plate.  Thanks.


Silky smooth, her
White walls rolled

Ever slowly—flaunting

It’s bedazzling view,
Emanating in freeze frame

Ever slowly—flaunting

The freshness of its lustered cream,
A lathered richness bathed to skin

Ever slowly—flaunting

From the sparkling shine of chrome
to a pimped-out trim that’s all it’s own

Ever slowly—flaunting

It’s a wonder, how eyes could still see
Anything beyond the aesthetic glow
Ever slowly—flaunting


But looks aside
I could not help
focusing my attention to
inches below her trunk

Ever quickly—flashing by

Here, it was,
that her vanity glittered forth,
a plated licensing of gold,
reading, “GR8 HAIR,” in all one word

Ever quickly—flashing by

And yet, the first thought that came to me,
did not pertain to the myriad of potential possibilities—Why
this choice ?—for the reading surely would—provide the implications
so easily perceived—as to an individual’s occupation and/or personality
Ever quickly—flashing by

But so fast the flashing would pass, to find
me pondering in curiosity—wondering if this person also possessed,
A plate that reads, “NOT SO GR8 HAIR,” all in one word,
For, you know, those other days, the ones you wish to just go away

Ever quickly—flashing



  1. This is so clever! I adore the repetition in this. It's almost hypnotic.

  2. This rolls on by perfectly Fred, our journey as reader paralleling the action! Those other days, how they can get you. Marvelous work, part I is as flawless as your subject and you rightly take a more human tone in part II. Loved it.

  3. haha...checking out a cars know the first stanza could be a car or ...great hair....i am not sure i would want anything to do with them if hair is where its at you know...smiles....hey catch up with you when i get back man

  4. Yeah we all have those days, thankfully the cat already has 30 posts ready to go, so he can just lounge about at his show..haha this could read a bit dirty if my mind were to stay in the gutter but I suppose I'll let it come out and not look at the junk in her trunk..haha...hmmm interesting thought, not the first one that would have popped into my head, but I wonder if they do, switching them in and out when ever a bad hair day comes due, I hop it means head hair too, but we won't go there..haha

  5. perhaps your not feeling as bad as you think;
    i rember once i was chatting to a slightly naive young lady about my neurosisand she said "You know its all in your head" - her profound statement still resonates - lol. i know we shouldnt have favourites but this is mine of yours - most excellent; the conception, insight, delivery, scope - the consideration of the man machine matrix and of course the poetic bent - top draw my friend; chrome bewithcment is astounding as a notion - its also a G8 plate...up there with the cannibals plate - BEATINGU, from Jeepers Creepers... nice work fred... be well brother :)