Saturday, March 3, 2012


Every story has an ending
every ending a beginning
and the beginnings…
 well, they started someplace too

there was a before
there will be an after

there was a time…
there’ll be another

very few certainties exist
but time…
is absolute amongst them



  1. until the end of time...of course....ha.

    nice circular nature...and time tends to wrap round itself too...wait long enough and it will come back around...

  2. every ending a's good to be reminded of that..we tend to forget and this desperate black veil falls upon the endings...i like how you express the circularity of life..of things that goes on and on...really like it fred

  3. So then what came first the chicken or the egg? does go round and round, even if it supposedly ends for all here, it will still be going on. Just because we aren't around to see it doesn't mean time stops. So the end begins and the begin ends, such are the trends.

  4. but the stories, the famous stories, is all that really survives time. it's all the people really own. there have been technological advances, philosophical achievements, but the only thing that the common person has today, emerging from 5,000 years of alleged civilization, are stories, with beginnings and ends, whether they are biblical or cultural. we believe desperately in that sweet end, which is often full of hope and justice.
    i really like that even the beginnings started someplace. allow me to continue on my own tangent here: the beginning of human beings is a slippery historical event. we are still pursuing our beginnings, and certainly looking for a worthy ending. this may be why human beings are so in need of stories, whether by watching movies or whatever. our story is still unfolding.