Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Notes From A Wavering Pen

He who laughs first most likely told the joke

The bane of the modern world provides us with potentials for both prosperity and death.  The western civilization of the modern world has engrained a desperate type of vanity.  One whose seeds can be found percolating within each of us; can be traced all the way back to well before the abhorrence of birth ever took place in the corner of our parent’s youthful eyes—glimmering so magnificently, as can only be seen through the glossy glow of teenage eyes experiencing love for the very first time.  Even when, upon further review, what they are actually feeling is much closer in regards to love’s antithesis, than it ever could possibly be resembling to that of this blaring and overused notion of fate, of predestined stories—you know, those being whispered from the mouths of the yet to be developed teenage daughters to the ears of never-shaved-a-day in their lives pre-adolescent sons of angst, or otherwise known as the children of suburbia.  

Today’s children apostrophize their every action.  Every peak and every valley is open for praise, bemoaning, amateur psychoanalysis and ridicule—by their peers, or anyone else that happens to take notice, or make it their mission in life to keep the closest tabs upon the day-to-day lives of complete strangers.  Today’s youth document all of the flattering events; additionally they advertise all of those actions relatively considered unbecoming—ranging from the regrettable to the unadvisable, from the ignorant to the grotesque. Today’s young adult illustrates their thoughts, actions, activities and hobbies in a way that can procure stunning, if not stupefying and jaw-dropping, reactions to the unsuspecting viewing audience.  Granted some of these unprepared folk come from older generations, but many are simply raised in much more conservative, and if I may say, proper upbringings.   Yet, the one thing I can say, without a doubt, is that the old rebel without a care in the world attitude has successfully transcended generations.  The only variance I should mention, is that where, as before, in prior times, you’d tell your best friends about your problems, whether relationship wise or those “unjustly” encountered on the home-front, now you tell, in effect, the entire world, whether intentional or not.

This is done, to the point where predators are simply gifted a wealth of knowledge, a world of research and information at their fingertips.  They are given the nauseating opportunity, to learn about their unsuspecting future prey.  These sickos of the world have devolved into a much more educated, sophisticated and intelligent group of scumbags.  No longer do these predators salivate on images alone, now they need to, and are more than capable of, filling in the blanks.  They are privy to everything—all the strengths and weaknesses—allowing them the opportunity to amply prepare a best-practices strategy for foolproof domination and “success.”  And then, once the prey have fallen victim, the world judges and grades, everything from sincerity to emotional relevance in a pathetic game of opinions.  Some people, will then—while themselves risking a backlash of criticism for being unsympathetic or insensitive—will claim, that perhaps these predators are, while on a whole other plane of nasty, not much worse than those in big business—those that utilize the information granted them to prosper, running over whomever they have to on the way to achieving their goals; and perhaps there are some, who decide to look upon a victim’s case objectively, analyze all the information optionally divulged and made public, and honestly wonder aloud, questioning as to where that line should be drawn, as to—when does it get to the point that someone is inviting demons into their lives?   Well, we all do this to some extent, and demons are constantly around us, but, I like to think there are still plenty of angels too—so who knows?

And then there are other’s out there, who look at life much more casually. These folks are enjoying all the various bits and pieces of information and entertainment available, using it solely for, information and entertainment.  These are the types of people that still gather up their dog’s half-chewed toys and place them all together, grab themselves a hairbrush, hold it upside down and sing so loud the neighbors can hear:

I’ve got fever
I’ve got fire
I’ve been bit by love’s desire

Cage me
Engage me
Let it show

Where that came from…I don’t care nor need to know.

He who laughs last most likely is the punchline.

Yet those who’ve learned to laugh at an early age… rarely grow into running gags…or that’s all they ever become…a walking punchline in a world of “fun.”   But just because life’s a gamble doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play.


  1. LOL that was great fun, the jokes lines are so true and the don't care or need to know was aweseom, laughed at that for some reason. So true though kids today have to put up with and deal out more crap then they ever should. Society as a whole just seems to be digging deeper and deeper into a swell pit that they can't dig themselves out of.

  2. interesting man, it is scary how much is shared these days and it is a smorgasborg for predators, those willing to use that info against you...that is one of the reasons i dumped FB almost 15 months ago now.scary place out there..welcome to the age of the voyeur..