Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Stormy Sea

A constantly stormy sea—
beset by clouds of
varying darkness of degree

Interminably, an obsidian tide
rushes forth, with it’s blinding
waves of rippling course

After our clouds have grown clear, 
skyline’s tempest shifts to a scene,
where celestial rays inch their way,
out from beneath the shadow shroud

Once completely free from darks and grays,
a final splash of powder blue,
forever alters the color wheels pointed view,

But beneath the freshest of these coats serene,
a blush-stroked canvas often frays,
opening wounds that once were made—
and no longer can our painted cicatrices forever stall
the untethering of bruises buried deep


  1. it is best to live out the pain than to paint it over...the only one you are fooling is yourself...of course fooling yourself feels good for a bit but...smiles.

  2. Can cover as much as we like, but it is still there no matter what shade one decides to wear. Every little nook and cranny on you, is part of you and the best one can do is mask it and ignore, but it will still surely come ashore one day to their dismay.

  3. i think i agree with you. there are dark colors behind the bright ones, just like it's been my experience that tragedy births comedy.

  4. Strong metaphor/analogy... the pain is hard, whichever way, but suppressed is harder in the long run in my experience!

    oh btw the Google Friend Connect is no longer available for non-Blogger blogs (which is why you don't see my new posts anymore, and probably a whole lot of others that are WordPress). I have an email sign-up. Google are going the way of Google+ Pages (like FB Author/Fan Pages), and ppl putting a widget connected to that on their blog.

    Great to read you again bro,