Friday, March 2, 2012

a difference between meek and might

Flagging grounds
soiling earth
made one’s mark
spray-painted x
below the traffic
above the trolls
drip-dried fade
away until—

a braver soul
blackens space,
creates their own
a weaker soul
feels disgraced
spends an afternoon
or an hour—
replenishing their own strength
by erasing all
the lines I once drew


  1. Meek on might can be a fright, might on meek is a plight. A balance needs to be had, replenshing of the strength can be a good way, not sure erasing though is the best way to go. And meek can turn to might if pushed just right.

  2. smiles...i think on some level we all want to leave our mark....and eventually they do all go away when others come along...

  3. i like the concept of meek and might a lot, especially about the weaker soul erasing. the persian poet hafiz sez the difference between the artist and amateur is the artist no longer takes a club to what he just created. yours is a good play on that truth. disgrace is a dark concept the weak must deal with. i have battled, and continue to battle, with feelings of disgrace, which lead to self-destruction.
    thanks for the visit to my blog. i'm very glad to visit here...