Sunday, March 11, 2012

What She Deemed as Independence

Fretting the skylark vignette, thinking
was it troublesome, I forget?
fragile, damaged—subterfuge
inserted through—detachers landing pads
abruptly fluttersome, this dark dove
of scarcity…crumbs…and ain’t that so so so so

Sweating the tough clues, brick
upon brick, soft at the mortar-side—
flashing incoherence, representable
detonation—of scoffed genuflections—
easily mutable are distractions—but—case
in pointed point presents the presences of pretension—sweeping through—a haunting dark—reefs broken by—all the everlasting—
freak flags glowing—bezerk—ghastly—cruel—but who knows the pick to blame?  and ain’t that so so so so

I’ve dreamt the same dream for decades now,
there I sat mountain high, observing as
colossal tides collapse, collide—into the low
craggy tips, barely breathing—there—above an ocean’s rising floor—draped amongst the plankton skirts and corral tees— the red, the blues—and there, I realize, I’m more own worst anemone.

 shine shine shine though, sparkly shine—the party beats still—expectations don’t surrender—must try, must try—then, there—without trying—a memory—how beautiful the ceiling looked—cloud covering fog below, the light shards pierce of select wave—It was beyond peaceful, beyond any Eden I could ever know—ecstasy until….”damn pills said I’d sleep through the night”

…and attrition reminds me—everything I had purposely ignored— while sleeping under stardust, coveting whatever the splashing leaves behind—

however –
neurons remembered the firing pin—and…and, the words were still there—as if they had never left—intact—survived—still remained—exactly where last placed—way back when—on that day—the one you called your independence— as you stood tall upon that reef, watching the schools swim so so so    


  1. That third stanza is just brilliant. Love the way this moves.

  2. nice use of repetition through out....the second stanza is like a tongue twister at points...this is a bit surreal at points as well and not sure i got the complete effect but...

  3. Sent a twisting word extravaganza into my mind, as it flowed great to my little rhyming behind. Leaving me with a day dream of such things as mutating nut jobs, just where my mind went when I hit that word, thankfully I got away though..haha, nicely done.

  4. Phenomenal! Truly loved this :) Amazing use of words and images, bleeding and blended superbly! xoxo