Monday, March 26, 2012

A Spectre's touch

You aren’t like me
never have, not at all
It’s also true that you’ll never be
and that’s a truth I’ll happily call

The devil in a junkyard
His henchmen out at play
creepers lurking in the scars
scaring the lightning bugs away

Bone justice’s betrothed to us
Here now we’ve been wed; forever joined in vows just bled
Never strayed can we be, forever is not but a rhyming melody
What began as lust, now owns my unrequited trust

I don’t care about those painful words that they speak
I ignore the lies; I damn their pain
You’re the only one I’ll ever need; you’re all I’ve ever sought to seek
And if the truth aches deep in you, we’ll damn it all and start anew

you might strike fear within some,
seeing the ghost that you’ve become,
but I’ll never flee, I’ll never run

…and yes, it is true

You aren’t like me; you’ve never been and never will
For I’m dead to life, or so they say,
And you’re alive, living life through all I believe
A spirit resting peacefully still
Hidden from a world
Whose truth
Only you can truly see


  1. Creepy, cool write! I really like that second stanza.

  2. This one just flowed right off the tongue as around your words lingered and hung. I took it more of one secluded to life through strife then an actual ghost supposedly dead. Just walking through life alive but no living it as they make all miserable around them.

  3. The devil in a junkyard
    His henchmen out at play
    creepers lurking in the scars
    scaring the lightning bugs away

    haha i love that stanza and read it a few times cause it just has a cool feel...and the truth only you can see is a great line as well....

  4. Fred! This is wonderful! A slightly different tone from you than I'm used to as well. Still all you though. LOVED it!

  5. seeing the ghost that you've become, inspires an ocean of song in me.

    devil in the junkyard, lightning bugs are too good for his ilk anyway.

    Have a great artistic day, Fred!


  6. Hello Fred..I find your poem particularily arresting, affecting & strangly atmospheric, there's a static charge in its's partly to do with what you don't say as much as what you do say..hmm tis a thing of beauty actually