Friday, March 30, 2012

Clay Meant to Mold, Is Impossible Not To Hold

A craven/ a cave-in
a rave-in/ a raven
a maiden/ a maven
of interesting things

A sector/ a vector
a radar detector
a transistor/ a resistor
of villainous things

A shadow/ disfigured
a shaded course/ quite twisted
a shady source/ ingratiates blisters
of blazing discourse

A Blazon of legs/ a blazon of arms
with rhymes succinct and rhythms distinct
a range of emotion’s bridged by devotion
of tides and floods embodying love

A verse severe is easy to hear/ a verse so dear, pray it stays near
the colors of space learnt and known, occupying one’s sense of home there’s often a hint and always a trace, alive within that helps define the shape of things yet to come


  1. I love that first stanza! What great flow and rhythm. Great piece, Fred.

  2. This one flowed so great as well, back to back you are so on at your cell. Great message and great rhythm each time, just makes me want to rhyme. Life will mold whether we want it too or not, so we may as well have some say and get touchy.

  3. ha love the near words and rhymes in this...great turns of phrase as well...would love to hear this one read or performed by you man.

  4. The undertow of emotion in this poem is quite potent. Your prolific output on such varied subjects always astounds me.

  5. The pairings seem to represent looking at the object from a different angle. You can look at this or that, approach it as this or that, and you could still unify -- that is of such 'of interesting things", "of villainous things" etc. The way a thing is seen doesn't necessary affect outcome, or what it really is about. I can also envision a person looking at a piece of card with a picture of an object, turns it and sees more on another side. An attitude of curiosity and discovery.