Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Mephistophelian Provocation

Well, I'm a bit late to the pub this week, but I'm thankful that Claudia kept the doors open as I definitely needed a poetry fix.  And that of course means that, as is the case for every Tuesday, Open Link Night is up and in effect over at D'Verse.  Stop on by, read some terrific poetry and while there, link up a poem of your own for others to enjoy.  Cheers!


In this age of terminal belligerency
A hex, a pox is placed upon thee—

Tingeing forth the pummeled plant
pressing through the groveling glass—

Thine heirs be slain,
in judgment for thy sins,

Each those chosen prior to
and the ones yet coming to pass

Silence these ne’er-do-wells
housed enslaved, voicing perditions
for which man’s inner weakness craves

Dwell in the aged moment’s freeze in time
linger long ere thy dreams clash therein

Fore in such a place, amidst the blinded vermin,
friends be replaced by the slithering tongue,
within the wretched serpent’s cage of sin

II. A Signature upon Shedding Skin
Beware the pomegranate kind—
sacrificing winter, for a fleeting summer’s moonlight dance

Bathe long in thy sweated skin—
before ye blood hath spilt upon demon’s pact

Return ye shan’t; regret falls moot
for what has waxed, will surely wane—

Returning all thy suffering—from fathoms deep
to an ever weeping flame charred sky

When debt comes due,
redress accrues the interest kept

III. Forcing the Hand of God

While thy prayers be pronounced,
And thy annunciation understood—
The heavens must flood forth its tears,
flowing forward, despite—because
of God’s ever-existing paternal love

Yet—because thy scrolls be scribed
by bloodied pen:
Thy penitence must be denied,
Thy soul, to Hell, must be sent,

And such is the price one pays
for abandoning:
Thy belief in ye self,
Trust in God’s will
Thy Faith—Thy wisdom—
That God shalt keep ye safe

And such is the fate,
of men who:
                           Fraternize with unholy beasts—
                           Break bread at demonic feasts—

And there is no saving
A man consumed by deicide


  1. I was late also so I thought I would drop by yours early...

    Grim piece, grim.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, appreciate the thoughts

  2. You know I myself think this year is crunch time. Maybe the whole world feels it too and that's why there's so much chaos all over it. I think we will all pay the price for our folly, eventually.
    This is a warning to all of us, really. get your crap sorted out before its too late.
    Nice one Fred.

    1. DDT, thanks, folly does seem to be abound, and I have to think that folly in general is ok, it's when the sick stuff comes to play, the things man does to his fellow man etc…but more so the utter lack in spirituality that exists, some of the things that go on today reminds me of the things I read about the dark ages a bit. Glad you enjoyed the piece. Thanks

  3. Good lord hon, you can write! lol
    This is an old scripture of wisdom! So much in your work is awe inspiring :) I read and sit back, calmly gathering the elements lol
    Brilliant! xoxo

    1. Poppy, oh, thank you, I really did want the piece to come out sounding as if it was torn out from some ancient script-so glad that came through- so glad you enjoyed the piece and thank you so much for the compliments. Thanks

  4. whew...this is def almost prophecy, esp that last bit....gave me a shiver in knowing where i did not want to go...ha...and i like pomegranate but i may need to reconsider that now...smiles.

    1. glad you liked the piece. hmm.. prophecy, I can see what you mean, that's cool. Haha, i used to love pomegranate, but started talking a pill a few years ago and it's on the label to avoid, but no need to reconsider the fine fruit, as I used pomegranate as a reference to Persephone who ate the seeds and was forced to spend half her days in Hades. Appreciate the comments, Thanks again.

  5. hey fred - blistering write buddy - that first couplet
    sank its claws in and i held on tight for the the journey - biblical brutal - pried from the claws of a big lizard long dead... whats not to like? :)

  6. oh dang...powerful and gritty time feels like a punch in the paint images here that make me wanna close my eyes because it's so hard to face them...

  7. Deicide is a subject wrought with vitriolic and abhorrent ideas that you illuminate well through phrases like 'blinded vermin'; 'terminal belligerency'; 'wretched serpent’s cage of sin'; 'penitence denied'; and 'regret falls moot'. This has a heraldic feel while employing wicked word play worthy of Old Testament portraits of wrath. Great work.

  8. This was like the anti - lords prayer! Loved the stylings- the form- the classical feel- reminded me of some heavy shit like Milton- paradise lost. Pure fire and brimstone

  9. Fred, I felt chills. This is strong and prophetic. The tension is palpable. Well written.

  10. Agree there's a heavy Biblical tone to this, very effective, too--and of course, they say if you believe in the Devil, you kinda have to believe in god--not that I completely agree there--anyway I digress--liked all of this Fred, but especially the way the second part developed the theme so lyrically--'the pomegranate kind' great mythological reference.

  11. Strong and gripping write....I specially like the last stanza ~

    Thy penitence must be denied,
    Thy soul, to Hell, must be sent,

    And such is the price one pays
    for abandoning ~

    Happy day to you ~

  12. Wow you brought the grit out of the gate today, sounds like something they would ue on display on some tv show, where they rant about the end of days and how it must be stopped. Flowed so damn well, you truly out did yourself this time I have to tell

  13. Wow, this is just an amazing the old school, "fire and brimstone" tone of it, lots of layers to explore too. Wonderful!