Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blind Embers Of Motivation

(S)Categorically frenetic
     Suffocating on the brine
              Bloated by the expectations of lunacy
The moon, its vapors
Unveiling premonitions
Ravaging the waking hours
With the addictions set in dream

Clarity is boring,
Facetious knowledge thrusts forward
As if the audience is nothing but a mass of ignorance
Collected in awe of your deepest recollections

The truth of emeritus is the dagger of gold in search of silver
     Vanity, a distraction to unparalleled degree
              Ask and you’ll be known as he who is without
                       Stare in silence and the curiosity will devour                                       you from the inside out.
Striations aligned
Subluxation pared
We are there and here
We alone create our own definitions of fear


  1. clarity is boring...ha, nice...and true, most times...really like your last line as being the creators...there is def truth in that...

    glad i came looking for you...have not been getting updates...and look at all this poetry...

    you doing ok?

    1. Well the not getting updates things doesn't surprise me one bit, as I've had issues with blogger in that regards for a while, where nothing is sent and then, all of a sudden a deluge of posts will appear. I've been ok, back almost back to where it was prior trying to do the drive. Actually flying out to LA on Wed for 2 weeks, going to look for apartment and figure out if I actually need a car there or not. Not being able to drive down there has definitely added some unforeseen logistical issues to my plans but not worth the pain I'd be in if I did the drive. Been writing a little bit, but mainly just laying down, chiropractor and that sort of thing. Just been getting back on the computer past couple days to do some writing and try, again, to get back to a writing, reading routine. Hopefully soon though. Glad you could stop by. Definitely miss all the great reads, and am hoping to get back to the reading soon. Thanks