Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wicked Archetype Of The Apathetically Free

Abdominals inches from torn
Every swish of acid repositioned
Bury the leads of a thousand tempests
Breeding amidst the sunset of a phoenix in descent

Guttural individuation, primal, raw, unembellished, bare—
Cultural subterfuge, colander spaces submitting to hoar
Spreading vice-typecast as villainous hate mongers, pre-polarized with venomous stares…

Are the vile objects that surround your person, truly the vermin your eyes project them to be?
     Perhaps they truly are the enemy; quite possibly your instinct is correct, yet, one must be somewhat curious, to realize what ramifications lay in waiting, ready to pounce upon your horizons, the precious moment, their heirs prove your imagination false?

Scavenger of the people, envisioning bass tones created from an instrument entirely human in composition.
Delicate rapture, cast amongst a cabernet of excitement…I’m
Shocked to find, so many aligned to witness the end…

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