Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Mother's Day Poem (True Love Is A Blessing, A Blessing Words Can Not Possibly Give Thanks Enough)

You are my mother
I owe you all
My hair, my eyes
My chin, my brow
I can never repay the debt I owe
A debt you never thought about before
A debt you would most adamantly refuse to spell

For, good or bad,
For right or wrong,
I am that glimmer that can’t be drowned
To you, I am that perfection you’ll always dote upon
              I am the ideal within each your songs
              The only place to feel home when I feel drowned
              The one true space when I feel less than strong

And in you, I see the good in me
You are the mirror, ever showing the best sides of my reality
             And in you, I am told I am the best that’s ever been
You instill belief, which still breeds a possibility,  
That deep beneath my every sin, you’ll only ever see the good within

         You are my mother, the only one there could have been
         And I’ve been blessed to be your son
         You are my mother, the best any could ever choose as home
         You’ve given all, all for me
         From the right to breathe, to this flesh and bone
         I can never repay for the life you’ve given,
Nor can I give thanks enough, for teaching me to bet,
The man to which I’ve grown into

And what you’ve given is all you could
My accomplishments, my feats
Owe homage to you deeply,
Yet my maladies are not a burden you can own
Those are on fate and me alone,
And despite the powerlessness in your stare
You still always find a way to push the boundaries in your own flair

Love’s the light that guides the blind
And love’s the thing I think of when I dream
A spotlight on all in life, the power, the gift of mind
A sacred verse never out of sight
A passage and direction, always caring, ever here

You are my mother, a fact I’m blessed to own
The one thing I wouldn’t change if I even could,
A reality so profound, it makes even the darkest of days
A reality clearly understood and entirely well pronounced.

And each night before I close my eyes,
I say an extra prayer, for all the unborn
Children yet to come, to be so lucky
To have a mother who loves them even half as much
As you’ve always showered your love on me.

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  1. very touching and so true... nobody can take that place...