Thursday, May 2, 2013

Facsimiles of Fortuitousness

Supine aciculate,
Shedding predilections over sentient epicenters,

Strychnine serenade,
Ushering in a dawn of density before a decentralized acropolis

Relegating potentate,
Lauding the sanctimonious hymns of byzantine tomorrows

Morose and incontinent,
The Aeronaut bleeds septets of inquisition from deep within
Conjugations repositioned,
Transmigrating into delicate Hyperboles of distraction

A Toreador amidst an otherwise hyped-up insubordinate,
Emancipates every proclamation of thoroughfare ever spun

Seeking the Longview…
     In the center of a sandstorm,
              Is never easier done than said

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