Sunday, May 19, 2013

Acidic Beasts From Way Beyond The Self

A fire anthem preens
Amidst a canticle of paralysis

Troubled thunder unleashing
The misplaced claws of disease,
Where desire at its core, becomes
The key to a spiritual unraveling

Force-field weak, worthless even,
When the debris scattering towards,
Are disemboweled shrapnel fragments
Originating from within some unclassifiable fiend,
An abomination of the worst kind…an acidic alien beast….

Yet stand we can and stand we do
Against all odds, amidst a severe state of
Uncertainty…we must ignore the realities

Sorrow holds no wisdom here…not in this world,
Only perseverance and courageous acts of vandal,
Can offer absolution to this type of scourge

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