Monday, December 10, 2012

Tragic Witness

Coliseums of departed faiths,
where all equilibrium forfeits,
Imbalanced by how the
Ground once shook

I am but a victim of such

I watched it all.
And heard everything as well.
I am resigned
To a life
Forever stained
With such sights
And sounds

And I force myself back probably far too often than advised
Trying, to find a way to save but one, perhaps then, it would
Be such a face my memories today would continuously trace.

Tried out a bit of different voice here and went with more of a choppy, sputtering type of style.


  1. The first stanza is ground shaking in more sense than one. It took a retake to fit the end in to the beginning, but I think I have it now. I like that about it. My kind of poem!

  2. but you didnt record, love experimenting...actually my fav part today in the paragraph at the end...

  3. One little thing can change all at ones wing, so best to just look at the past and not try to give a time blast or all could go to shit, literally or just a bit.