Monday, December 3, 2012

Those Missing Moments

As time shifts measure
We grey, our lines they
Fray and often tether
Us into a cryogenic state
Of dystopian doldrums without the
Stagnation of dramatic applause

As hours dwell under such a spell
We dream how things once were,
Knowing the ending, and what worked,
We could change the entire thing time
And again….Pssst!  If you do it enough times
You’re memories change as well, believing what you choose to tell it—sad but true…but studies prove this is not only possible, but probable in many instances….so guess there is something to the old think and get rich stuff….hmmm

I miss the good old days…. I miss the experience
I miss the growth; I miss the adventures that didn’t really
Feel like that’s exactly what they’d be

There was this girl…there’s always a girl isn’t there?
I remember how she was so in love with me…I laugh now,
How this young Freshman girl saw this scrawny teen, and how cool she thought I was, simply by hanging out with a bunch of Mathelete’s and to able to hold my own, in an arena that the at first glance would construct plausible knee-jerk reactions, indicating that I would fail or at best not fair too well…How she loved it when I looked her in the eyes, and told her it was in the sine’s, how I was there for her, and the polynomials…Which always sparked a well placed peck upon the cheek and nothing else, right then and there—Hey she was a good girl!

I miss the hope the future promised…what to do, what to do…ah, If only I knew then, what I know now, how many different things I would do different…yet, still, failures and all, I truly wonder, and can’t answer of course, what would I do?  If it meant sacrificing the positive one or two memories that are cherished so, to delete the negative from the old memory chest?  What would I do…?

I miss so many things
I miss actually buying records and cassettes, CD’s weren’t bad either, but only when they came in the long boxes, still have some up in the attic, but not as many as I wish I would’ve saved…I miss the weekly spree at the comic shop, getting lost in all the superheros tales of love, death, peril, escape and salvation…I miss those unwrapped boxes of cards, throwing out the old stale gum…I miss the Atari 2600, heck, I still have a pong, but really, it’s nostalgic now, but that doesn’t mean it’s as fun as it once was…I miss skipping school and watching soaps with my mom all day….and of course the game shows that would come on before the primetime shows would come out to play…

I miss a lot…but
Then again…I bet most miss what’s behind them I just don’t want to miss what may await…hopefully in 20, 30 perhaps 40 years down the road, I’ll be able to look back, find the linchpin moment that turned around this show, and once again the adventures would come, breeding happiness all at once…yeah…I miss those memories yet to come.

I missed out on Stu's Poetics prompt at D'verse this weekend.  To be honest, I fell asleep really early last night, woke up in the middle of the night, wasn't up for new writing and then couldn't seem to find my way on line tonight until it was too late to link up at the big show.  But, I highly recommend checking out Stu's write up and taking in some or all of the amazing Missing moments shared by the poets there.  


  1. ha. i miss records as well...i miss the imperfect pop and scratch of the needle...i dont know that i would go back and change anything honestly...i would be afraid by changing those little moments i might mess something up...smiles.

  2. Really thought provoking, I never realized how many things there were to miss until this topic came up, of course I went to tv with my mind. But you sure brought a whole bunch to the forefront. Geez, now you got me thinking, enough voices in my head already haha

  3. this is beautifully written your thoughtful voice in this..i often wonder what i would make different if i had the chance to go back..but then..good that we can't and good to look at what's ahead...smiles...i like

  4. This felt like a waterfall at the end of a fast-flowing river! So many images and intentions shared at a rapid-fire pace. Effectively, your cadence and flow found me holding my breath and then gasping at the end of each stanza.