Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pain, Perfunctory, Resolute

Wisdom walked through endless shadows
plucking virtue from the vineyards that remained

Dancing beguiled, tripping over lantern’s light
searching for every surprise in your attempts to stun the moon

Serendipity scowls, for the lineament is under contempt, in which spasmodic corridors direct forlorn heartbeats.

Despair follows.

Huntress, oh you and your dart, crouching still within that bush, stirring deceptive javelins from a hibernation desperate for a deep sleep, drawing thus the ire of it’s fight

Pain, perfunctory, resolute


  1. really like the stanza on the huntress crouched and waiting...i think we all live with that around any waits....

  2. A poem filled with intensity and feeling, Fred. I hope the pain and despair are fleeting.

  3. Like the serendipity scowls the best, great collaboration of words. As was all the rest, as you sure put your weave of words to the test.

  4. spasmodic corridors directing forlorn heartbeats...dang...tight imagery in this fred..

  5. Fred you jam packed this with images that are turning over in my mind!!!
    Wisdom walking through shadows what must that look like.
    tripping over lantern's light - this I can feel
    stunning the moon - with a gun or with a kiss?(loved that!!)

  6. Really liked how you gave voice and action to each one. And the ending perfectly captured the title and vice versa.