Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas To all. 3 Poems to share.

Merry Christmas to everyone.  Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve and share an even better Christmas day with your families.  At my house we celebrate our big get together on Christmas Eve.  It's always a big event, and it was once again this year.  I'm stuffed.  Completely ruined my diet tonight, but oh well, one day down and the rest of the year to make up for it. :)   

So, for tonight's OLN, I thought I'd try to do some Christmas blogging.  I did some Haiku, which, for those who enjoy this form, can be found over at my Wordpress site.  I made some Christmas cards over at Sqwerm, and for here, I came up with three poems.  

The first is a very abstract Christmas poem, where, without me telling you it's actually about Christmas, would most likely be difficult to figure out.  The second is a mix between abstract and straightforward and The third is straightforward.

Again, hope everyone had/will have mades some great Christmas memories this year, and thanks again for all the support, with all my sites.  Thanks.

Christmas Poem #1- Abstract 

There, upon that day. Titanium Trioxides were found,
Buried at knee-high depth, in that, the hope chest, of antithesis.

Eyes, lithe as a cantor’s range is long, intuit calm, each the melody of its psalm, sung low by cello’s voice, harnessing the third option, found in-between, life and feint. Parallel to the beams of ray-fly-fly-fly (enter harpsichord)

This restoration, where those charred sighs cringe, quenches the fatherless emotions. These are those that you always played make-believe upon, that this all, all of it, was but a side-effect of the dream you were sired from.

These singeing solemnities balm the undercoating with a cryogenically optimized lathering, scientifically known as frost.  

Upon the lamina of the blind, augmentations sear those images found therein.

And here, you remain, in frozen chains, rattling to the east and clinking to the west.  In your mind, the slightest changes ripple an effective elation within the north and bury the other 364 deeply south.

Christmas Poem #2

For tonight was an eve, like any day before.  Yet this was a prelude to a day of incomparable bounties and, for some, the birth of a Savior that will one day rise again.

Here so many dreams have already appeared to us and still, the promise of the many more yet to appear is strong. Here, you know, you just know deep inside, that those jubilations and gifted offerings will certainly come true, perhaps even in the morn, when you once again flit your eyes.  

It is a day that brings the promise of salvation, the unification of family and the hope for a better tomorrow. A blissful dream.  A cherished reality.  A day that is ever built up to.

Christmas Poem #3

The children elate so swiftly as the morning’s curtain pulls up high.  Feet scuttle to the tree, shaking presents faster than the parents can wipe the sand out of their not quite awoken eyes.

Papers are ripped and tossed aside. The pure euphoria found in these precious seconds, should be bottled and saved for those days that aren’t so bright.

For on this morning, within the children’s eyes, there you'll find, enough light to illuminate the darkest of the darkest nights.

And without even opening their own gifts, the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, are all filled with what this day holds dear, a joy so fulfilling it shines down many, many moments that are immediately collected and stored for all the rest of time.

D'Verse has decided to keep their doors open tomorrow for any who wish to celebrate Christmas by unwrapping presents of poetry.  I'm sure many are occupied with celebrating this day with family and friends, yet, if you find the moment or that need for poetry, then stop on by and see what gifts are under the D'verse Tree.  

Merry Christmas to all and may all of you receive every gift you could ever want and need.  


  1. Liked the third the best, just had a sort of zest, of course the other two were grand as always at your land. And bah one day of stuffing won't hurt too much, just may give indegestion woes haha

  2. haha i am living a bit of that last...i have been up a few hours playing already...smiles...i did get to open my gifts though...even got a shower in...smiles...

    and love the promise of hope in themiddle one man...

    merry christmas to you fred!

  3. I liked all three poems, but the third poem is my favorite, Fred. Indeed remembering the joy in the eyes of children can brighten up many, many dark days. I am so blessed to be surrounded by grandchildren at this time of year! And yes, no matter what age, we can store memories of our Christmases for years to come. Feeling reflective here, realizing we never know really who will be with us next year.......

    Merry Christmas, Fred.

  4. loved the...the melody of its psalm, sung low by cello’s voice...in the first one..the third one made me smile..i'm wondering if germany is the only country where the kids get the presents on the eve of the 24th already...interesting to hear about different traditions as well

  5. I like how you go from the abstract to the reflections of Christmas to the actual day itself, of children opening the gifts and the parents joyful and blessed to store these memories ~ Yes, even without opening the presents, we are happy of these times ~ Blessed Christmas and peaceful holiday to you ~


  6. Hey Fred

    this triptych hangs well on the wobbly walls of my seasonally effected mind . . . a nice blend of style
    and scope. deft gear changes that hold the right line
    for reflection and investigation . . . No.1 is right up my alley and has a penertrating resonance: offering sound and space enough for me to drift in with real pleasure . . .

    cheers fred
    all the best brother

  7. The first one, as you suggest, was a bit obscure for this old brain, Fred, although I loved the way the words "felt" on my tongue. The second and third ones were my choices...both spoke to the spirit of the season. All three, however, brilliantly penned.

  8. Great lines. Hope you had a wonderful Chritmas and a happy New Year.