Saturday, December 29, 2012

Internal Scream

Thursday, Anna posted another excellent article and challenge with her latest offering for the postmodern series that she's been working on for Meeting the Bar at D'Verse.  I urge you all to read the article, check out the myriad of writing challenges she directs you to, and definitely take a read through the linked poetry that others have shared.

I've been rather lethargic the past couple days, so unfortunately I didn't get a poem linked up in time, but came up with this piece here, and thought I'd post it anyhow.

Eternity is neither a straight line nor a circle.  It can and cannot be comprised of data alone. We must find the impulse
To what is planned internally, contrite or overt, sentient or parabolic in its off-putting collage of demonic possession. I

plan  scream,SCREAM to dream, planning, play, planner
May  Scream, sCream  may not manage to, or opt for, or
Dare scReam, ScrEam consider, think, fade, fail, dwelling
Isn't  screAm, ScreaM   attrition, collate, collide, meshing
Not   SCReam, scrEAM as a rule, never leave as is, allot
The  ScReAm, sCrEaM pigmented in variety, hue's light        
Lily  ScREam. sCreAM flower, shades of depth, dense, fog
Low scREAM, SCReAM leaves; lifts, lunges, plunges, push
Lens SKreem, SKRRRM claws/paws, scratch, scratching        

It’s inside, the ulcers bleeding out, curdling, it is only without
It’s the only thing left in tryst, asunder, lust. It is only, only and nothing more than only, when what is caught inside the facades implored reflect the carbon lifted under chambers dark—composed of voids and mistresses, tearing apart the seams of a shapeless existence, skirting the equanimity of tragic distance.  Parables are nice. Songs are too.  Yet, when in a state, illogical connections, are the sanest only to the one otherwise considered as being millenniums away. Relegated.

“we build walls, impenetrable walls. We do so, in order to prevent invasion.  To keep things out.  Yet, too often, these same walls, successfully keep things far, far worse inside”


  1. walls always have two true...they keep things out and others inside.. heavy with emotions this one, fred..also like how you start with eternity neither being a straight line nor a circle...good stuff

  2. "Relegated" ... yes ... your use of 'Scream' - perfect. I absorbed these words, very emotive, lasting impression - more than words. Excellent read.

  3. great quote to end on....and so true....really like hte screams as well that you built it...those walls def can do as much damage as good...

  4. Two sides of the same coin pretty much and that you surely displayed, as the emotions run rapid, one time meaning this and the next meaning that.

  5. Yes, walls have two facets...and sometimes illogical connections are the keepers of sanity, and eternity is a big question mark to me anyway! The 'scream' is effectively played!

  6. I can see the postmodern in this, though I'd say a lot of your work is post(post)modern to start with. Most interesting for me here is the 'scream' stanza, as I read it downwards, just the first word of each line, before reading across as normal. It seemed to make some kind of sense, in context. Interesting stuff, thanks

  7. Walls are a way of keeping things from moving, and it's both ways whatever the purpose might be in the first place one builds them.

    The 'scream' lines are felt, their chorus, burst of many colors and movements it seems. Horrors and wounds bleeding within.

    Vivid write, Fred.