Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting Outside The Blocks Within

I’ve been searching for the perfect breath,
Yet too far many times, all I’ve discovered
Has been the intensity which congestion brings


I’m looking for the greatest role, to utilize my talents, to bring me close to a centered space, to stand still amongst the moving rush, yet, so far, even the extra slots are filled…


I’m passionate about many things, yet what good does passion bring, when the odds are stacked 

Out of favor.

The dreams are squelched, the rhythm's bent, disturbed like a selfish child, concerned only with his own self


It’s enough to make you wish your dreams away, to some fields that reward success to those holding ethics and effort much higher than what is often considered by most

Self-Centered Partitions.

And to those that still believe in hope.  There is hope.  

Inside and then Out.

And to those still believing in knowledge. There is knowledge. and to those who not only have the capability to learn, yet also possess the ability to eagerly share these gifts to others. There is Community.

Outside and Within.

Distancing. Afar/near/close/Away. Skylines. Spectacles. Bravado in name alone. Restricting space between, communion is relevant once more.

Internal Mergers.

To gather the necessary crops, the reaper needs his sickle.
To till the mind, nurture requires many moments

Beyond what many seem to offer…(sometimes)

Love is a deadly word.  Vulnerability is feared less; yet, it would make sense, if one should claim the opposite.

External Vision.


  1. Fred-- The stanza break lines in this are really cool. It's like they relate each part to a larger metaphor, that is broken down into its simplist form.

    Did you post to OpenLink on dVerse? I didn't see your name. Also, I feel your frustrations in this piece. I am there, or was, too. May I suggest, do what you love. Period. That's it. That way you never have to compromise ethics and you'll never regret. When we do what you love, in time, you will succede beyond your dreams. ~peace, Jason

  2. I hear anxiety about job searches, the tension of being moral, thoughtful, honest and loving being sacrificed for certain jobs or certain relationships.
    All very good questions.
    Both honest & morality have cost me jobs in the past.
    But damn it, the loss was worth it -- but only because I got another job, can I easily say that.
    Tough world.
    [may not have been your point, but I tried :-) ]

    One edit thought:
    ? "Yet too far many times, all I've discovered"
    ---> "Yet so far, many times, all I've discovered"

  3. interesting the different perspectives you take in this....trying to find your place, feel that one right up front and one i can relate to as gather the necessary crops the reaper needs the sickle is another line that jumps out at me to ponder...

  4. I was just thinking I hadn't seen a post from you in a while. I love this Fred. Beautifully written.

  5. I like the stanza headings, each one with a statement and yet they can make a poem with the headings themselves. I can feel the sense of feeling lost...there's so much out there but sometimes it feels's just too much! I do like how the perspectives change to that of hope with a lot of positive energy. Wonderful write indeed.

  6. I love this one from the very start I was enamored =)