Monday, March 4, 2013

The Connection Between A Rhythm and a Stare

 A floe of Gypsy temptation,
     Thinly skims the apex of the surface,
A slue of dull possession,
     Swiftly spinning from it’s stance

There is a collection of delineation,
     An elementary beguilement in askance
There is a sidling of salvation,
     An impropriety of sauntering proportions
Agog, too eager
     To enliven the mirage that blindly
Inhibits the colluding prescriptions that
Control the signatories of sight
Within the wherewithal of sanity,
Exists a microcosmic spasm,
Infatuated by impossibility and the relics of its kind,
Where, if not attended to, imagination may run amok—
And become rampant, writhing to the contagions of such designs

And in premature conclusion, I must declare, that there’s a curious delusion—a connection between a rhythm and a stare


I was very honored and privileged to have been interviewed by the very talented Laurie Kolp for this week's Pretzels & Bullfights Spotlight at D'Verse.  I'd really appreciate it if you could swing by and read the interview and learn a little bit more about little old me.  And yeah, she even made me sound really interesting:)  All kidding aside though, she really did a tremendous job with the questions and putting the post together. 

On that note, I'd just like to take the time to send, A big thank you to Laurie and to D'verse for hosting such a great series and of course, for thinking highly enough of me and my work to shine the spotlight on me this week.



  1. ha a connection between rhythm and a stare...i can see the movement in the opening stanza fred....also i rather like when imagination runs amok...even is in a microcosmic spasm...smiles...

    and well deserved was cool to get to know you a bit more...and been a fun trip as well the last couple years reading your work...

  2. That spasm sounds like it will surely hurt, might even cause blood to spurt. And will be over to read, tomorrow a I go to bed soon at my feed.

  3. the alliteration of this masterful piece is captivating...i love the mystical and earthly feel as it is all in the rhythm and stare. thank you ...good interview and you are interesting.