Saturday, March 9, 2013


In some circles, hope is a four-letter word,
Whereas in others, doubt is a shade beyond forgiveness

Rough edges hewn and shorn, evened out and paved in
Line, tarred tomorrow’s unconcerned with yesterday’s dream

Love, can be that square peg that actually can, fit into the
Roundest of holes

Foliage, wrinkled and worn
Time-tested yet ignored

For it is this type of person
Who fully understands and appreciates
The meaning of a kiss—slow and

echoic is the sound of the most silencing of voices


  1. ha...some great lines in this being the square peg that fits round holes is def a fav in this...that opening stanza as well....really strong....i like man...

  2. I enjoyed each of these, Fred. My favorite is the one about the stanza that says love can really be that square peg that fits into the round hole!

    I concur!

  3. Nice with the square peg, even if my mind went a bit gutter there lol very true the older the more they know what should come due, hopefully.

  4. Nice use of metaphorical language esp in first half. The kiss stanza is v evocative. Wondring if the final one is needed? for me, 'Moist' is excellent closure. Perhaps I don;t understand the content of the final stanza enough to see why it's there.

  5. This is outstanding! Really strong writing, Fred.

  6. The opening lines are stellar Fred ~

    I specially like the idea of love that can be formed into another shape, like round or square as need be ~

  7. I enjoy the first stanza most-- it really puts a frame of mind to the poem, and puts it well. I wonder, in the sake of offering feedback, if using the word 'can' twice in the same line "Love can be...that acutally can" hurts the metaphor, which otherwise I really like...maybe "Love is...that actually does"--- just a thought. Nice share! ~peace, Jason

  8. Love, can be that square peg that actually can, fit into the
    Roundest of holes...oh i like...and it is...and then the last part with the kiss and voices...wonderful fred

  9. i like the way this went from hope to a kiss. :)

  10. I'm gonna say that the round/square imagery is the strongest. I think "doubt is a shade..." is really nice also.... I think you could have left off the "echoic..." and still had a strong finish with "Moist", but I think I understand why it needs to be there... very nice piece. Thanks.

  11. Love is that square peg that fits in the roundest of see it everyday, in all facets of life that makes me smile, and is those whose foliage is a bit ruffled, little wrinkled they do see it better I think. Thankyou to for your lovely comment on my poem. :)

  12. Square love can fit in round holes only because it easily conforms to other shapes. It cares not for its squareness.
    As a kiss that is willing to be the face of the lover.