Sunday, August 4, 2013


Machinations embody the presence of the modern air—
Yet, take away impulse
And they all just fill space with their cold grey stares

Between blood and flesh exists a soul
One to which only one can truly control
And despite the distractions that comprise the voids
It breathes, it feels, it lives
Although forgotten,
Amongst this flood of technological divide

Constructing patterns that adhere to path
Cannot find deliverance through wires alone

One must bite beneath the waves of efficiency
Unplug to find the gifts granted
When mankind first began

Sometimes one must return to nature in order to build upon what is already there…

Written and shared for tonights Poetics which I'm hosting over at D'Verse.  Were unplugging for the weekend, come join us with your poetry…promise we won't byte... 


  1. yes - sometimes we need to unplug from everything for a bit to find ourselves again that can get tangled up in all that wires and connections... really great and thought provoking prompt and write fred

  2. 'Cannot find deliverance through wires alone' - that's a fantastic line, Fred, really quotable.

  3. Your topic found resonance with so many people. Good choice and well executed here as well.

  4. Machinations embody the presence of the modern air
    Sometimes one must return to nature in order to
    build upon what is already there…

    That is true in addressing feelings and satisfaction. Nature provides solace which can result in rewarding one's yearnings without any machines in between. Great thoughts Fred!


  5. the gifts granted when we first began....hard to truly do that eh? i admire your tenacity with this fred...filling space...yes i think it def does that at times...

  6. Isn't it strange how we have changed... that something that was thought to be impossible 20 years ago has now created the urge for that off button. And it's hard... I think we will crave for reserves were nothing exist just to be able to reflect and become ourselves again..

    Love the flow of your lines...

  7. "Cannot find deliverance through wires alone"
    Says it all. Nice piece and site.

  8. getting down to basics does change things

  9. I agree on going back to nature and just wonder at the simplicity of it all ~ I enjoyed this prompt Fred and wishing you happy Sunday ~

  10. I agree ...we must return to reflection spirituality and nature. It nourishes the soul.Wires alone will not save us. Good poem.

  11. Wow, really enjoyed this between blood and flesh exist a soul and I think it longs to be heard in the quiet moments of life.

  12. Here, you say poetically what you shared so effectively for Poetics. So much to think about. Here I am in a small office with so many plug-ins and I don't have half of what most have. I still just have a "dumb" phone. :0)

  13. Really great prompt and wonderful post for dVerse - like this alot - particularly the lines beginning 'Unplug to find the gifts ...'
    wonderful - K

  14. Good thoughts in this poem, Fred. I like the idea of between blood and flesh exists a soul. Also like the idea of returning to nature...we all need to do this sometime AND unplug!! A worthy poem, Fred; and thanks for the prompt.

  15. such truth in your words, Fred.... back to the roots it is. great poem.
    thanks for your wonderful prompt!

  16. So right, Fred, the soul does not do much dancing when most of the
    mind is suspended in cyber-space. It is an addiction, and even as a bulwark of my retirement, I love my forays out into the world for photography adventures, hikes, road trips; and of course, whatever form of meditation you favor, when you're really unplugged.

  17. This is true if being online is not connecting with others for friendship or common interests. The soul is not confined, in my belief, and is part of our cosmic dust that travels omnipotent. I have made wonderful friends online. But good to unplug to maintain, build, in person connections. Some, like me, with anxiety or social issues, find great solace in friends thru technology. And body limitations. Nature must definitely be embraced without technology though. I did meet my husband thru dating site 13 years ago.

  18. true... "this flood of technological divide" - oh how it does divide. well said

  19. I like that you started with "machinations" and used the rhyme to create an otherworldly feel but it all goes back to the beginning--"gifts granted" and building upon what is "already there."

  20. true true very true! between flesh and blood lives the that line