Friday, April 26, 2013

The Eighth Stone

I.              The Eight Stones

Stones of harvest,
Lost in the well of tears

Stones of forbearance,
Weathered by the dunes of time

Stones of integrity,
Betrayed by the tree of hope

Stones of love,
Empowered by crystals divine

Stones of promise,
Hindered by a fog of fear

Stones of truth,
Dishonored by the winds of levity

Stones of forgiveness,
Awakened by memories of tides long past

Stones of tomorrow,
Hidden within the disillusionment of today

II.           Reflections

Through seven comes delivery,
Bearing the gifts awakened by the eighth

Swaddled reflections to comfort thee,
In times of tryst, defiance and hypocrisy

Open wounds salted, still
There remains a life fulfilled

From the soil comes the sky,
In the fire, flow the waves of life

Earth, Wind, Flame and rain,
Beyond the clouds you’ll find refrain

In the eighth, smoothed and pored upon,
The seven breathes a newfound wisdom’s enlightened plan.

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