Monday, April 8, 2013

Debased Curricular

Knowledge lends stability to an ever-changing landscape,
Time is the agitator to the unprepared, the devolving attributor to the weak and for those without direction.

Life seems to do everything in its power to swallow the meanderers amongst us.  The lessons it offers are of a curriculum set out to debase.  From the smallest to the largest, minutia is simplistically inhabitable.

Ignorance suffers plague like the painted womb cringes when left alone with murals too bright. Intelligence slow-dances every inch of pier, prior to its descent, information bleeds out, ironically in patterned abbreviations otherwise known as the scars of a once tainted submarine.

Falter freely. Smile as widely as the jaw allows. Dream to fail, and then dream some more. Desire only truth that’s earned.
Do so before time wears thin. Stay patient; do not stray.

The bristles deliver the deepest caress. It scours impurity away from even the most ironbound of wired flesh. Breathe freely; fade away…but try your damnedest to reciprocate.

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