Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Incomplete Delivery

I’ve never been the problem
But then again, never had the solution,
To solve the misery that ponders us all

I’ve always been another question
In a long line of rhetoric,
an exclamation point in the middle of a hypothesis.

There’ve been times I thought I had the answers
But the easier things are,
The harsher scream the fouls

Watching the sudden twist of a turbine’s gale,
Trysting nautically, amidst a fresh gust of carbonic air,
Fleeting, permissive, derision, dismissing—
A damage plan for the self-defeatist, a manifesto for a never-ender—Sword of promise in disguise, a fury with a roving eye—Assemble NOW the gallery of rogues!

Too often we assimilate with those ravenous chills, elucidating amidst the shiver of a broken dream— a few moments truncated, by grammar, both bent and unrelieved…

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