Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Long Division: Strains Of One

Dainty figurines, collide-expand
Upon the altar, knotted-stained
For which they stand; warped and dated
Like the mores buried, still, straining to inhale
Knee-deep down, beside, within—
The Laundering of time pronounced, for without
Borrowed—procured ceramic, forgone—
As it is with the stuttering of art, from in,
Unknown qualities emerge, myths and absolutions
Laying bare before the mantles, and within
All illumine beneath each face it makes appear.

        Strength bemoans the martyr, as the power of fear, is concealed within each face before you here—those of strangers and Judases alike—whose stones are visibly clear, not in hand but in the discoloration within each their eyes”

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